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An editorial illustration I did for an Adweek article (03/08/16) on brands using social media and the March Madness college basketball-style bracket system to engage consumers. You can read the full article here.


Graphic Studies

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I've been pretty busy as of late, but I want to share some graphic studies for one of many current freelance projects I'm currently working on. This is for up and coming Holla Back Music Group, a production company here in Brooklyn, NY. Aside from this I've been working on logos and album covers for their signed artists. 


Spray Music

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'Spray Music' is the forthcoming release from New York emcee, El Gant. On this album El Gant deviates from his classic style to deliver the most rapid fire, technically sharpened lyrics of his career (hence the the title and the microphone uzi). A perfect fusion to the racing drums and brisk rhythms produced by 42 Keez. As always, I really enjoy working with El Gant, designing his albums and merchandise. Like myself, he is driven to release only the highest quality product through his art and leave an impression on those who are watching and listening.


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I really need to make it a habit of updating my news section more often. With that being said, the Industry section of my site now showcases the artwork I produced at Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. I will be including more apparel and fashion items I have designed in additional sections, including Tap Out, Marc Ecko, & Zoo York.

"Beast Academy"

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This is some of the process work for El Gant's soon to be released album "Beast Academy," a play on the Police Academy movie franchise, as it was dubbed "The Steve Guttenberg EP" in it's early phases. As a hip hop enthusiast, and someone who enjoys working to music daily, this project has been a lot of fun! I look forward to working with El Gant again, as well as other artists and musicians in the future.

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