I had the pleasure of designing this logo, album cover, and merchandise for Jamo Gang, a new hip-hop group consisting of LA based rapper Ras Kass, and New York's own El Gant and J57, with additional production by DJ Premier.

LOGO: I ran through a number of designs ranging from clean type lock-ups to fat brush stroke scripts. In the end we all favored the simplicity of this crisp, dog tag-esque branding.

COVER ART: I was chatting with Ras Kass and El Gant one day, as they were flipping through some of my sketchbook pages. They really responded to the masked, polymelic figures representing multiethnic fashion/ceremonial elements. I decided to portray these three artists in the same way, using contemporaneous fashion trends true to hip hop culture.

Cover. Graphite and Photoshop. 15in x 15in.